Nissan Battery FAQs: When to Change My Battery

Can't tell if it's time to change your battery or have questions about how to make your car battery last? Check out this video and view our page for full details.

Getting stuck with a dead battery is a drag, and we all know it tends to happen at the most inconvenient times. It's also hard to tell if it's actually the battery that's at fault or another part like the starter. A mechanic at our car battery shop can find the problem and we offer car batteries for sale in the Atlanta area if it turns out that you do need a replacement.

Is my car battery dead or is the starter not working?

If you notice any of these issues, it's very likely that you have a dead battery.

  • My engine cranks but my car isn't turning on
  • My engine, interior lights and headlights aren't working
  • The battery warning light in my instrument panel was on prior to the car dying
  • My headlights appeared dim before my car died
  • I've had my Nissan car battery for three years or longer

How do I keep my car battery from going dead?

There are a number of things you can do to protect your Nissan battery. Check out our tips below!

    Battery Service in Duluth
  • Get regular service at our car battery shop in Duluth, which will help extend your car's battery life. Battery service includes cleaning corrosion and debris, adding a protectant to the battery and checking its remaining capacity.

  • Keep your car out of the sun as much as possible. When your vehicle has been sitting in the heat all day, it puts stress on your car parts. Alongside extreme cold, extreme heat is a battery killer.

  • Do visual inspections of your battery every few months. If you don't remember when you last took a peek under the hood, look today and check for signs of corrosion and swelling, as well as if the car battery is properly restrained. If it moves when you touch it, it needs to be tightened in place. Also, make sure your car is properly cooled down before looking under the hood and touching any parts.

  • It's a good idea not to run your radio or keep on your lights when the vehicle is turned off, which will drain your Nissan battery faster.

  • If you take a lot of short trips, which won't let your car charge up fully, make sure you go on a longer trip every once in a while. This will help prevent "memory effect" on vehicles with certain types of batteries.

Keep in mind that ultimately your battery will reach its max life, but by getting regular service, you'll know when to replace it before it dies on you. We have cheap car batteries for sale in the Atlanta area when the time does come for an update.

Car Battery Replacement Near Me

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