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How Often Should I Service My Nissan Altima?

Your Nissan Altima has been impressively engineered with a focus on quality and reliability. The Altima that you picked out from our inventory has a recommended maintenance schedule printed in the owner's manual. Following these recommendations is necessary to get the most life out of your new vehicle. You can enjoy a straightforward, hassle-free solution for auto maintenance by bringing your Altima to our Nissan dealership's service center regularly for all of its various maintenance needs. These are broad recommendations for Altima maintenance, so you should refer to your owner's manual for variations to the Nissan Altima maintenance schedule related to the model year and trim level. What are the recommended Nissan Altima service intervals?

10,000-Mile Service

The first recommended services for the Nissan Altima are for the 10,000-mile milestone. At this time, your Altima's tires should be rotated, inspected for tread wear, and have the air pressure adjusted. The brake system must be inspected as well, and these components specifically include brake cables, brake pads, brake lines, and rotors. Other areas that should be examined are the engine air filter, the suspension system, the oil filter, and the battery life. Fluid levels for the brake fluid, engine oil, wiper fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid should be replenished or changed. If your Altima has a continuously variable transmission, this is the time to check the transmission fluid. All-wheel drive Altima models require additional services for the differential gear oil, the propeller shaft, the transfer case oil, and the differential fluid.

30,000-Mile Service

The next recommended maintenance service is at 30,000 miles. The brake fluid should be inspected and replaced. The axles, the brake pads, the exhaust system, the suspension system, the drive shaft boots, and the steering system's gears and linkage need service.

60,000-Mile Service

If you have kept your Nissan well-maintained up to this point, the service needs will be minimal. These needs include inspecting and servicing the fuel tank vapor system, the various hoses, and the car's fuel line.

105,000-Mile Service

Nissan also recommends a few specific services for Altima's 105,000-mile mark. These include an inspection of the engine coolant level and a spark plug replacement.


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