Nissan Maxima to be Discontinued mid-2023  

It's been recently confirmed that Nissan with stop making the Nissan Maxima sometime around the middle of 2023.

End of the Maxima

The current configuration has been on the market for seven or so years, and the current one out is the 8th generation of this particular sedan. One thing that could happen in the future, however, is that one of Nissan's upcoming electric models could end up using this name. That would be something new, however, and not a true Maxima as it exists now.

The Nissan Maxima has been going for 8 generations and more than four decades. It will start the last of its run in the coming year, according to Nissan representatives. They cite the fact that the sales of this vehicle are falling quickly compared to the Altima, which sold around 20 times over the same period.

The rumor is that a Nissan EV Sedan will hit the market sometime around 2025, and it may very well have the Maxima name when it comes out. It's rumored that it will be built at a factory in Mississippi and it will be built next to an Infiniti car. The rumors indicate that it will have a curved roofline and it will have a similar look to the Ariya crossover.

So, it certainly appears that the Maxima line will go on in whatever form with some interesting developments happening there. However, with the Maxima that everyone is used to seeing with the V6 engines and the option for a manual transmission, this vehicle will be gone from the current generation. These generations of Maxima options were quite popular, and they will likely be missed by many. There are already many publications coming out that commiserate about the maxima and what effect it has had on people over the years. This includes which Maxima different people liked the best over the years in their ranked order.

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