Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips  

Spring is a time for people to come out of hibernation as the weather begins to warm. Here are a few pointers for getting your car ready for the warmer weather in spring.

Cleaning and Waxing

During the winter, your car's body and paint take a battering. All of the salt and dirt from the winter accumulates, and let's be honest: who keeps up with car maintenance when it's freezing outside?

The most significant time to get rid of all the winter muck is now. Remember to properly wash the undercarriage and wipe out the wheel wells (using a tire brush to remove any dirt). As summer approaches, a thorough coat of wax will help extend the life of your paint.

Check That Your Wiper Blades Are in Good Functional Condition

Wiper blades deteriorate quickly due to winter ice, and we all know that spring will bring lots of rain. Replace your wipers before you lose your vision. They are inexpensive and straightforward to put up. If you have trouble installing them, most component companies will install them for you for free if you ask.

Examine the Alignment and Suspension

Mother Nature can cause chaos on our roadways throughout the winter months. If many potholes have impacted your automobile, it would likely benefit from an alignment. Remember that those alignment problems may cause your tires to wear out quicker. Thus, maintaining your car aligned can save you money in the long term.

If your vehicle is drifting to the left or right, or your steering wheel is not centered on a level, straight road, you urgently need an alignment. Suspension checks may have been performed for you by a reliable, competent mechanic.

Check the Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure will vary as the weather changes. Check your tires and pump them to the correct pressure now that the cold weather has passed and the temps are rising. This may help you save money on gasoline while also extending the life of your tires.

Examine the Engine Compartment

Have a mechanic check the engine. Nonetheless, don't be alarmed. Look behind the hood for any obvious flaws. Replace any broken or frayed belts or hoses as soon as possible to avoid a problem. Check for leaks; there is a problem if you see moist spots on the engine. A visual check may assist in preventing issues from worsening.

To learn more about spring automobile maintenance suggestions, please stop by our dealership or contact us.