Nissan Electric Vehicle Models for 2022  

Nissan's clean energy vehicles have been on many a wish list in 2022. During a time when we all wonder what's next with a little bit of nervousness, it's natural to want a change. Switching to an EV model like the Nissan LEAF makes so much sense to so many people in 2022. Exactly why do people love this vehicle? Is it the leather-appointed seats? The UV-reducing solar glass that makes every ride so much more comfortable? Maybe it's the Push-button start right out of the gates.

Why People are Switching to Nissan EV Models

The Nissan LEAF is a good conversation starter for anyone who's been curious about electric vehicles. The cozy interior and slick performance both collaborate nicely to deliver an experience that's just not available in other models. Your 2022 LEAF features a 160 kW AC synchronous motor rated at 214 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. There's a lighter 147 horsepower 110 kW variant for those who want to save a few bucks. We recommend upgrading to the 214 horsepower model if you can possibly do it. The extra power is well worth it.

The trims of the LEAF are also very diverse, with the S, SV, S Plus, SV Plus, and SL Plus available to anyone who wants to really customize the type of electric model they get. The range of the LEAF goes all the way up to 226 miles, so you can easily explore the highways and cityscapes of your life with peace of mind. If you want to look like you're getting somewhere fast, then the LEAF is an excellent model for any driver or family.

On the outside, the LEAF strikes a powerful, confident pose. Its up to 17-inch machine-finished aluminum-alloy wheels are striking against the many paint options available for the 2022 LEAF. Intelligent LED auto headlamps are available on higher trims or via packages through our dealership. You can customize the LEAF to match your needs this year, all with the help of our professional auto sales team.

More Information

Don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Do away with gas-powered vehicles this year by switching to the outstanding 2022 Nissan LEAF. This model is at the forefront of Nissan technology and features driver-assist safety technology that will help you enjoy the power of every drive. Contact our professionals to get to know the LEAF at our dealership.