Nissan ARIYA  

If you're looking for an electric vehicle that is competitively priced and has a sharp exterior, you can discover what the Nissan ARIYA offers. This model is known to be lively and energetic with how it drives with a longer range than similar models in the auto industry. Here are a few main facts to learn to discover how the model can meet your daily driving needs.

The Nissan ARIYA can drive farther than similar models like the Leaf and has a range of 300 miles after a single charge. It comes with a 63.0-kWh battery, but an 87.0-kWh pack battery is also available if you're seeking even more performance. Four-wheel drive comes standard, and all-wheel drive is available.

The interior is unique with this model because it looks modern and futuristic. The minimal dashboard and lack of buttons or controls create a sleek interior that is striking. While spending time in the driver's seat, you can utilize the semi-autonomous driving system, which allows the car's computer to operate the vehicle. The ARIYA is also designed to pre-cool or pre-heat as it charges to ensure it's prepared for the next time you drive it.

The car's exterior is also eye-catching. It looks less traditional than most Nissan models and has a lower and wider stance as it sits close to the ground. It also has less edges on the body.

Nissan ARIYA

Many safety features are also included with automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous driving mode, and lane departure warning with lane-keeping assist.

The Nissan ARIYA is energetic as an electric car and offers plenty of joy rides without feeling sluggish on steep inclines. It has the ability to reach 60 mph in five seconds and is easy to charge in a 110- or 240-volt outlet at your home or a public charging station.

Inside the vehicle, you can use the large 12.3-inch infotainment screen to control the dashboard's settings. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also standard for increased connectivity while away from the home or office. The dashboard also features a digital gauge cluster for added convenience.

Feel free to reach out to our dealership today to learn more about the Nissan ARIYA and how you can feel accommodated driving the vehicle. You can schedule a test drive of the model at our location and explore our large inventory of models with the help of our sales team.