First Foundation Kids  

First Foundation Kids, Inc. came into existence back in 2012. The goal has always been to help those from low-income families achieve success. This is accomplished through a variety of training and education opportunities provided to those aged 16 to 24.

This organization brings together groups to volunteer here in our community. They also provide job-readiness training for people aged 16 to 21. This includes customer service training, entrepreneurship training, resume writing assistance, basic technical training, and even job placement assistance. They cover personal hygiene and how people can take care of themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

First Foundation Kids, Inc.

The First Foundation Kids, Inc. in Duluth's primary focus is to provide opportunities to those who traditionally do not get them. Special emphasis is being placed on those who COVID has negatively impacted. On top of job-readiness training, the First Foundation Kids, Inc. provides environmental education, financing management training, and mentoring. This impressive organization has even both arts and cultural training programs. They are regularly recognized for their youth leadership development curriculum.

Participants in the different programs come from several different sources, including schools, churches, shelter homes, and other agencies that serve our community. First Foundation Kids, Inc. has helped over 1,000 kids in the greater Atlanta area and continues to make a difference in the life of approximately 125 children a year. They have big plans for continuing to do this moving forward.

To learn more about First Foundation Kids, Inc, visit their website.