Summer Maintenance Tips  

Your car requires routine maintenance to ensure it's reliable enough to use for long-distance driving, especially during the summer season. The summer is a common time when people use their vehicles to travel longer distances to beautiful and fun destinations. Our dealership in Duluth can provide the necessary maintenance to avoid potential repairs that are needed with consistent use of the car in high temperatures.

Check the Car Battery

It can be easy to overlook the car battery, but it's responsible for powering your vehicle and making it turn on each time you drive. Test the battery to get an idea of how much life it has left. It may be ready to be replaced if it's at least three to four years old. The battery also shouldn't have any corrosion or rust present on any of the parts.

Top Off Your Fluids

Many different types of fluids are used to help the car operate better and allow you to drive safer. Top off the wiper fluid, which will help keep your windshield clean by wiping away bugs and dirt accumulating on long drives. The transmission fluid should also be inspected to prevent major issues from occurring if it's low or needs to be replaced. A technician can also check your coolant, which helps the engine to stay cool and operate well to prevent it from overheating. This is essential when you plan to drive in hot climates throughout the summer when the engine can get too hot. Additionally, checking out the power steering fluid should also be on your maintenance checklist.

Change the Oil

Changing your car's oil is crucial to your car's condition and lifespan. The oil should be replaced before long trips and drives to ensure it stays clean. It can be affected by the outside temperatures, which affects its ability to have contact with different parts of the engine as it flows through everything.

Look at Your Tire Pressure

Your tires will wear down a lot quicker if you fail to inflate them before your next trip properly. Check out your owner's manual to determine what your manufacturer recommends when it comes to how much air each tire needs. You'll also need to replace the tires if the tread is worn down.

Don't hesitate to perform the necessary maintenance on your vehicle. Our auto service department can help you to improve your car's operation for your upcoming travels this season.