As an eco-friendly driver, you want the perfect vehicle that allows you to save money and preserve the environment. Naturally, you found the Nissan LEAF, which meets your requirements and then some. The LEAF has unique technology and is such a non-traditional vehicle that no one knows precisely what to expect.

Undoubtedly, you want to know how long to expect your LEAF's battery to last. You know what the warranty says, you hear what the dealer said, and you read the online reviews with everyone and their brother's opinion about it. But, if you really want to know, then several factors come in to consideration. These tips should help answer your question.

Consider Your LEAF's Mileage

Obviously, the higher your mileage is, the more your battery degrades. Common sense tells you to expect your battery to gradually wear down. However, one can understand how disconcerting it is to wonder just how many more miles of life your battery holds. Heat-resistant batteries installed in models for 2013 and after are expected to extend battery life.

Factor in Your Driving Conditions

Driving your LEAF routinely in extreme temperature and driving in an aggressive manner drains the battery faster. Studies show battery degradation occurred more rapidly in extremely hot climates. When the driver tended to drive his LEAF hard and fast in the heat, the battery degraded more.

How Frequently You Charge the Battery

Nissan LEAF Battery

This is a hotly debated topic right now. But, in the absence of proof other than a few studies, you should follow the recommended charge schedule for your LEAF. The basic theory goes that the more a battery gets recharged, the more degradation happens. LEAF owners can charge the battery once a day without it hurting the LEAF's ability to function or affecting its lifespan.

Nissan believes that drivers who charge their LEAF's battery several times each day will cause faster degradation of the battery.

Your Tolerance Level for Degradation Plays A Role

Nissan indicates that drivers who rely on their LEAF to drive to work a few miles away, with a grocery stop on the way home, are willing and able to tolerate battery degradation. If you make a living using your LEAF as a ride-sharing vehicle and rack up significant miles each day, then it’s understandable why you’d have less tolerance with battery degradation.

What About The Warranty?

If your 12V battery becomes unserviceable within the first 24 months of service Nissan will replace your 12V battery, including labor, without charge, providing the 12V battery was originally installed in your vehicle by an authorized Nissan dealer.

If the 12V battery becomes unserviceable after 24 months of use, Nissan will provide a replacement 12V battery at a reduced price, charging only for the portion of the life of the 12V battery actually used. This is called a “pro-rata adjustment.” You will be responsible for all labor charges for the replacement of the 12V battery.

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