How to Use Nissan Cooled & Heated Seats  

Heated seats are a coveted luxury in sedans, trucks, and SUVs. If your Nissan includes heated seats, you can look forward to more comfortable cold mornings or a bit of extra warmth whenever needed. To make the most of the heated seats in your vehicle, you'll want to learn how to use them. Most Nissan models have seats with multiple heat settings, giving you control over how much extra heat you use.

What Are Heated Seats?

Heated seats are a commodity found in the cabin of select vehicles. Some Nissan models have heated seats just in the front row, while others have heated seats in the back, too. You may be able to adjust the heat settings for your car's seats for precise comfort. Heated Nissan seats are available with various seating materials, which means you can get warmer versions of the seats you find most comfortable. Along with the seats, some Nissan vehicles have comprehensive heat packages that may also include a heated steering wheel and heated side mirrors.

How to Use Your Heated Seats

Just pushing a button is all it takes to activate your Nissan's heated seats. You can press the icon button for the car's dashboard's heated seats to turn the heating mechanism on for most models. You'll see a red light come on, which indicates that the seat heaters are activated. The seats will automatically heat to the lowest setting possible. If you want a bit of extra heat, just hit the button a second time to increase the heat to the highest possible level. If you'd like to turn the heat off as you're driving, hit the button a third time. The red light will turn off, which means that the seats' heating system is currently inactive.

Keep in mind that your car must be running for the seats to heat up. It might take a few minutes for the seats to reach their maximum heat level, so if you like to let the car warm-up for a few minutes on cold mornings, consider activating the seat heaters at the same time for a comfortable and cozy ride.

Which Nissan Vehicles Have Heated Seats?

Nissan produces more than 30 models with heated seats. If heated seats are a convenience you'd like to have in your next Nissan, ask our staff if the model and the trim level you're eyeing have the technology available.

To learn more about Nissan's heated seats or find a model with the technology, contact us today.

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