Nissan Rogue SL AWD

We Georgians are lucky enough to live in a state that boasts almost endless opportunities for outdoor adventure and excitement. However, if you truly want to explore all of the best that Georgia’s stunning natural landscape has to offer, you need to make sure that you have a vehicle with the traction, handling and off-road capabilities to get you everywhere you want to go. All-wheel drive has long been a popular choice for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers, and Nissan all-wheel drives are easily some of the best options in terms of performance, reliability and overall value.

The Benefit of Nissan Intuitive All-Wheel Drive

Any AWD vehicle should provide enhanced acceleration, traction and handling capabilities on wet, slick or icy roads. However, very few can even begin to match the capabilities offered by Nissan’s Intuitive All-Wheel Drive technology. As with all AWD drivetrains, this system uses a center differential to divide power between the front and rear axles instead of sending all the torque to only one axle as on a front- or rear-wheel drive vehicle. The difference is that Nissan Intuitive All-Wheel Drive can instantly direct more power to any one of the four wheels as needed.

Nissan AWD vehicles use sensors that monitor the wheels to ensure they remain fully in contact with the road surface. These sensors can detect even the slightest loss of traction and will respond instantly by redirecting more power to those wheels that need it the most. By automatically adjusting the torque split on the fly, the system can prevent a loss of traction that otherwise may have caused you to slide or skid. Best of all, it all happens so quickly that the traction problem will be solved before you even know what’s going on.

This same technology also provides benefits when driving off-road. In this way, the Nissan Intuitive All-Wheel Drive system can enable you to tackle more challenging terrain and handle rough, muddy, sandy or rocky roads with little problem.

Enjoy Intuitive All-Wheel Drive on a Range of New 2018 Nissans

If you’re looking to head off-road and enjoy the great outdoors, undoubtedly your best option is either a crossover or an SUV. Luckily, Nissan has several different models that more than fit the bill. For instance, the Nissan Rogue and Rogue Sport are both stylish compact crossovers that offer excellent fuel efficiency to ensure you won’t spend an arm and a leg on gas to get where you need to go. If you’re looking for something a bit larger and more spacious, the 2018 Nissan Murano is another fantastic choice.

Nissan also has the distinction of producing one of the only full-size, eight-passenger SUVs with available all-wheel drive—the 2018 Nissan Armada. Based on the same platform used by the Nissan Titan, Pathfinder and Frontier, the Armada definitely has the best off-road capabilities of any of Nissan’s all-wheel drive offerings.

Of course, all-wheel drive can provide benefits even if you’re not looking to go off-road—primarily the fact that it gives improved performance in bad weather and overall better traction and handling. This is precisely why so many sports cars feature AWD like the outstanding 2018 Nissan GT-R. Drivers looking for incredible power and performance are sure to love this supercar, which produces a jaw-dropping 565 horsepower thanks to its twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine.

As you can see, Nissan offers a range of choices sure to appeal to anyone in the market for a new AWD. The only question is which one will you choose? With so many excellent options, you really need to see them for yourself and actually get behind the wheel to decide which is best for you. Therefore, we wish to invite you to stop by Gwinnett Place Nissan to take any of our new Nissan AWDs for a test drive.

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