Tired of Potholes? Here's How to Avoid Them

Pothole filled with water

If you’ve been ticked off by potholes one too many times, there are a few guidelines you can follow to reduce your chances of running over them. To take things a step further and report a pothole, we also included where you can submit the location of potholes.

  1. Never tailgate, or you won’t have much warning if a pothole suddenly appears.

  2. Keep an eye on the road ahead to make sure you’re aware if there’s a pothole in your trajectory.

  3. Avoid driving over puddles when possible, since they can sometimes entirely cover up potholes.

  4. Ensure that your windshield is clean and headlights are properly working, so that you can better see the road and spot any potholes at night.

  5. If you know where a pothole is located, simply find another street to take or avoid driving in the lane where you know there was recently a pothole.

  6. Inspect your vehicle immediately if you have an encounter with a pothole and take it to a qualified auto repair center if you spot any damage.

  7. To report a pothole in the Atlanta area, visit the ATL311 webpage to create a request. You’ll be asked for your contact information along with the address, highway exit or intersection where the pothole is located. You can even upload photos.
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