2017 Nissan Titan XD Walk Around

Titan interiors are nicely designed, with, bucket seats that are supportive and comfortable. A front bench seat is available, which adds another passenger to the seating capacity, a good choice for single cabs. Each trim level gets upgraded upholstery, from cloth and vinyl to leather to fancy leather on the Platinum Reserve. The upper trim levels are quite nice with leather seat trim that appears durable in addition to being coordinated and very attractive.

Climbing into the Titan XD requires a heave-ho, seemingly more so than with the other heavy-duty pickups; perhaps the XD’s biggest downside compared with the domestic HDs.

Crew Cabs offer full-size, front-hinged rear doors that open wide to reveal roomy, comfortable back seats. Storage is available underneath, and the rear seats fold down to a flat load floor, though that floor is too high for a big dog. Single cabs are work trucks, crew cabs offer luxurious passenger travel and everyday practicality.

Control for dash functions are large and easy to operate. The navigation screen is on the small side. The rearview camera works well and surround-view cameras make maneuvering in tight spaces easier. Cubby storage is aplenty, including big console storage.


Titan XD looks tidy and attractive, most closely resembling a Ford. Its styling makes it look smaller than it is. Park it next to another full-size pickup and it’s obvious it’s just as big. The Titan XD is an inch taller than a Ford F-150 and nearly three inches taller than a Ram 1500. Height for the XD is about the same for 2WD or 4WD. Width is similar to that of the other full-size pickups.

Titan XD crew cabs ride on a 151.6-inch wheelbase with 5.5-foot beds. Maximum payload capacity is 2000 pounds, and the Titan XD can handle a snowplow, though a manual transmission is not available.

Lights mounted low in the bed illuminate the contents, even when a bed cover is installed. A rail system in addition to traditional tie-downs make securing cargo easier. The tail gate is damped and opens smoothly and lowers easily instead of slamming down with a thud.

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