How to Program Nissan Heated Seats

How to Use Nissan Cooled & Heated Seats

What Are Nissan Heated Seats?

Nissan heated seats are one of the many interior amenities that focus on the comfort of drivers and passengers. Not every Nissan model is going to have heated seats, so make sure that if this is a feature, you MUST have that you ask our dealership about whether or not they're available in the model you're interested in. Everyone has different tastes and things that they demand from a vehicle. If heated seats are your thing, then you need to get Nissan model that features them. Our friendly dealership will show you how the heated seats feel when you turn them on. And we're going to be upfront with you: They're super comfortable! And cozy. It's like a little home away from home when you're driving along. And remember, sometimes the front seats are heated, but the back seats aren't, so if you want both you might have to go with something optional, but for fans of heated seats, it's always well worth it.

How to Program Your Nissan Heated Seats

Nissan went out of their way to make it easy for you to program your heated seats. In most models, it can be as simple as hitting a switch and choosing which kind of heat that you want (high or low). It just doesn't get any simpler than that, but you might want something more specific to guide you, so here's a little step by step process of turning on your heated seats and getting them all cozy for your next trip.

  1. The car must be on to turn on the heated seats, so start your engine.
  2. There is an HI switch and an LO switch. Choose HI when you want the seats very heated and LO when you want less heat.
  3. Look at your indicator light. Is it on? If it is, your heated seats are up and running! That's it. Now all you have to do is wait for everything to get comfortably toasty.

Some models come with a heated driver's seat, but the other seats might not be, while others come with all heated seats. If you buy a more expensive model, it's more likely that all seating in the car will have heated seats. Choosing heated seats makes good sense for those cold winter months when it can be physically uncomfortable to get into a cold vehicle. Thanks to Nissan thoughtfulness, now you can very quickly get just as cozy in your car as you do in your house. It's all a matter of turning everything on and revving up those comfy heated seats!

How Can I Test Nissan Heated Seats?

Here at Gwinnett Place, we believe in selling Nissan vehicles that live up to our, and your, high standards. We're experienced salespeople who have decades of selling these excellent vehicles, and we'd love to share our knowledge of the Nissan brand with you. If you're ready to see what these Nissan heated seats feel like, it's time to call our dealership and schedule a full test of heated seating. We believe that you'll be just as impressed as we were by Nissan perfect seating technology. It's ideal for cold, winter days when you don't feel like battling the cold. Call us today to schedule a demonstration of heated seats in the Nissan model of your choice.

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