Nissan Xmotion Concept Revealed

Nissan Xmotion Concept

Very few automakers released concept cars at this year’s 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This was quite unfortunate for those in attendance as the annual concept car unveilings are often one of the best parts of the annual Detroit auto show, which allow designers and automakers to showcase their latest futuristic visions and often outlandish designs.

Still, even if the various American companies haven’t been so enthusiastic about concept vehicles in recent years, this might all change after seeing the reaction that the Nissan Xmotion concept vehicle received from those in attendance. Even if there is very little chance that the Xmotion concept will ever make it to the production line, the vehicle nonetheless showcased many of the reasons drivers should be excited about Nissan’s future.

Combining Japanese Culture and Style with Raw American Power

Nissan’s designers stated that they wanted the Xmotion (technically called the ‘cross-motion’) to blend Japanese culture and sensibilities with an American-style power and utility, and the result is a crossover, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Inside, the design is meant to invoke a gently flowing river with a wooden console made using traditional Japanese techniques meant to symbolize a bridge running over the water. Further wooden accents create a feeling of calmness, strength, and serenity, which in some ways both blends with and contrasts the Xmotion’s exterior.

Mechanical-inspired tires with rugged off-road tread affixed directly to the aluminum wheels give the crossover an incredibly solid, rugged looking base that looks perfectly suited to tackling even the toughest off-road terrain. Other exaggerated design features like the wide grille, powerful over-stated front fender and cool U-shaped headlights.

Back to the interior, the Xmotion also takes advantage of the latest and greatest in Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology. This includes an astonishing seven video screens among many others. Luckily, many of these next-generation technological features are likely to be seen in future new Nissan models to ensure drivers always have the latest tools at their fingertips.

At the same time, you actually don’t have to wait to take advantage of this innovative new technology. In fact, Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology is already available on the all-new Nissan Leaf, which you can take for a test drive when you visit us at Gwinnett Place Nissan. The automaker is also set to expand the system to various other models in the near future, and our friendly sales associates would be happy to provide you more information so you can fully understand the difference this innovative technology can make.

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